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Marketing Director

Cindy began her career as a professional civil engineer in the state of California. She joined the workforce to design structures for the local utility and worked her way to become among the company’s youngest leaders.

In 2012, driven by a desire for a new chapter in their life, Cindy transitioned from professional management to family management and business development. This pivotal decision led her family to relocate to Austin, Texas, where they ventured into the real estate and marketing industry. In this entrepreneurial endeavor, Cindy assumed the role of overseeing marketing and operations for their family business.

Navigating the competitive landscape of real estate and marketing demanded a multifaceted strategy. Cindy adopted an innovative approach, acquiring leads through relationship-building. They strategically cultivated their business by focusing on their suburban neighborhood, expanding their social media presence, publishing a monthly lifestyle magazine, collaborating with local businesses, and actively participating in community events. Notably, Cindy curated and executed over 70 events, ranging from intimate food tastings to large-scale summer festivals.

Cindy's adept planning, resourcefulness, and execution underscore her ability to create memorable experiences for clients and the broader public. Through her diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit, Cindy remains committed to fostering a sense of community by creating in-person and online experiences that are both memorable and meaningful.

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