15 Home Spring Maintenance Tips

The first week of Spring is underway and while we had some rain Saturday night, the days have been nothing short of perfect.
As typical for this time of year, we are sharing our Spring Home Maintenance Tips to provide a guide on some of the things around your home that may not be done too often, but are oh so important:
1.  Clean Up! Winter debris, old leaves, fallen branches, etc. It's time to haul out that vacuum, broom, etc, and tidy up the darkest corners and highest windows. 
2.  Check your roof. Some of the San Diego rainstorms (we did have a few big ones) may have caused damage that requires your attention.
3.  Clean out gutters: Leaves are notorious for getting trapped and causing blockages.
4.  Clean and/or replace AC filters. Extra tip-put the date on the edge of the filter so you remember when it was last changed.
5.  Deep clean your dryer vent-a dirty vent is a huge fire hazard!
6.  Check your washing machine hose and consider installing a leak detector if the laundry room is located inside your home. 
7.  Clean and repair screens...the bugs are coming! Have you heard of "invisible screens"? They are great!
8.  Pressure wash decks, fences, etc, and check for damage to avoid trip hazards.
9.  Fix cracks in sidewalks and driveways before rains cause more corrosion. 
10. Paint-some surfaces may be overdue for some touchups. 
11. Replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries if they are not hard-wired.
12. Sharpen blades for garden equipment and kitchen knives.
13. Check caulking around doors and windows to conserve energy.
14. Trim bushes/clean thoroughly around any mechanical equipment. If there is brush that leans against the stucco of your home, consider trimming that away as well. 
15. Drain your water heater to clear out sediment.
Ongoing small maintenance items can prevent larger ones. Keeping any home in tip-top shape year-round is smart. If you are putting your home on the market soon, these are definitely things you would want to do as well.