20 Things to Throw Away in 20 Minutes

With the start of a new year, decluttering is often one of those chores that you know needs to happen but often gets pushed aside. If you’re looking to declutter, but think you do not have the time it takes to do so, check out our list of 20 items that, when removed, will create much-needed space in your home! Most of these items are found lying around and once gone, will help you in your quest to create an organized environment as we head into 2018!
1. Broken plastic hangers
2. Stained and stretched out clothing
3. Plastic bags that are no longer useful
4. Wire hangers
5. Mismatched socks
6. Clothing you no longer wear
7. Old food
8. Mismatched mugs
9. Plastic cups
10. Duplicates of any items (7 spatulas)
11. Anything with a layer of dust on it
12. Medicine that has expired
13. Sunscreen that has expired
14. Half-used candles
15. Anything that you have not used within the past 12 months
16. Markers and pens without caps
17. Completed coloring books
18. Puzzles with missing pieces
19. Empty bottles of bubbles
20. The goodie bag of candy your child no longer remember he or she has