5 Pro Tips For Making An Offer That Stands Out

If you're scouring websites for your dream home and finally find it, what do you do? ๐Ÿค” Well, first things first, bookmark this page ๐Ÿ˜‰
We're in a tough market, homes are selling very fast with multiple offers.
Don't give up hope that all is lost, we've put together a few of our secret Pro Tips that we have been using to help our clients win in this competitive market:
• Including a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender shows that you're so serious about purchasing that you've already gone through the steps necessary to ensure you are qualified and ready to move forward.
• Make your first offer your best offer. Making strong offers means putting your best food forward first. In today’s uber-competitive market, you might not get another chance. Even if there are no offers in play when yours is submitted, you must assume that they will be coming. Things can change in nanoseconds.
• Go in strong. Ever heard of an escalatory addendum? Think waiving appraisal isn't necessary? There are a lot of terms to consider when submitting an offer; having an agent experienced in this type of market means leveraging their expertise to your benefit.
• If you're in a position to pay “all cash” then that may be what sets you apart from the rest. Your offer is less risky and may make a seller more comfortable.
• Have the flexibility to close quickly? Offer that to the seller. If you're experiencing difficulty in getting your offer accepted, that seller may be having the same struggles with their new space. Allowing them the flexibility to close quickly and stay in the home past closing has been a huge tipping point in favor of our buyers.
Having the right expert on your side throughout the buying process will give you the advantage you need when it comes to finding the right home and making a competitive offer. If you’re ready to buy this winter, we'd love to help! Send us a message so we can discuss how to position yourself for success.