5 Ways to Help Others

5 Ways to Help Others

Over the past few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused all of us to adjust to a new normal routine. From school closures and canceled events to supply shortages, we are all feeling the effects in different ways.
More than ever, we feel compelled to reach out to our community and offer help and support in any way we can. We also know there are others who feel the same way so we came up with a variety of suggestions for ways to support others during this uncertain time:

Take Care of Yourself

First and foremost, we need everyone who is in a position to help to first take their health and safety seriously and follow the precautions set forth by the CDC. Self-care is critical and for some, taking care of yourself is how they can contribute to doing their part and that is OK.

Support A Small Business

Small businesses have been greatly affected by the closure of non-essential services. This is our opportunity to use our power as consumers to support the companies who need it most. If they have an online store, consider purchasing goods directly or a digital gift card to use at a later date. If they are still open, share them on your social media to get the word out to your network.

Grocery Store Mindfulness

It is understandable to have the urge to stock up on essential items but this is creating a shortage that stores cannot keep up with. Consider buying the usual amount you purchased previously; sometimes the families on public assistance cannot afford to purchase large amounts or are limited to certain types of foods and when they go to the store, those items are unavailable and they are not able to purchase essential items they need.

Donate Blood

There has been an unprecedented number of blood drives and donation appointments canceled. The Red Cross is facing critical shortages and there are people still having medically necessary surgeries. It is possible to safely donate as long as you reach out to schedule an appointment first: Red Cross.

Check-in on a Neighbor

Call or text your neighbors to ask if they may need a helping hand. Someone who is at higher risk or is home with young children may have a difficult time when they leave their home so assisting with a much-needed errand might give them some much-needed relief.
If you have other thoughts on how we can safely and responsibly lend a helping hand, share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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