Five Steps to Make Your Garage Sale Less Stressful and More Profitable

What does your garage look like? Is it overflowing with worn-out sports equipment? Does it house clothes and shoes that don’t fit in closets? Does it look more like a public storage unit than a place to park your car? Don’t worry! There’s a way to make some money and make room for your car again in the process.
Two words: Garage sale. That’s right! But if you want your things to sell, it’s not as easy as throwing all your unwanted possessions on your front lawn. So, as you may have guessed from the title, here are five steps that can make your upcoming garage sale less stressful and more profitable.
1. Make your merchandise look nice.
Resist the urge to sell your unwanted things as they sit. Even in the cleanest houses, boxes stacked up in the garage gathering dust. Taking the time to wipe the dust off a picture stain or scrub the stains off a pair of shoes not only gives your items a proper send-off but also makes them more attractive to buyers. And buyers buy!
2. Price items properly.
You may think charging a little less than retail prices on your items is okay. And, in all honesty, you can charge whatever you feel an item is worth – they’re your things after all. But it’s important to keep in mind that people aren’t willing to pay as much for something that’s been used. Also, remember that even though something might have sentimental value it doesn’t necessarily translate to monetary value. I would recommend pricing items at about 50 percent of what you bought them for. If they’ve been well used, then charge even less. One exception would be for an item you consider rare or valuable – have it appraised to know what it’s really worth.
3. Make sure to have changed.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to visit the bank and the teller for plenty of ones and fives. You might lose a sale if you can’t break a $10 bill or a $20. As a side note, consider using a lockbox or a fanny pack to keep change and revenue.
4. Practice your negotiation skills.
Visitors to your humble garage sale will probably be eager for a bargain and they’re likely to haggle for a discount. Be open to taking less for something than you originally asked, but make sure to keep the lowest amount you’ll take for the item in mind and stand by it. If you can’t make a deal all is not lost. There are other ways to sell used things. Which brings us to our last point.
5. Remember that you can sell things online.
The right buyer for an item may not show up to your garage sale. You may end your day with a couple of items still left on the blanket or table you set up in your front lawn that morning. But just because you couldn’t sell it in person doesn’t mean someone isn’t searching to buy it online! Don’t be afraid to list an item for sale online on a popular online marketplace. Just make sure that you won’t be charged a large commission or expensive shipping prices. After researching different sites and reading all the fine print, you’re sure to find a great way to sell your item to someone that’s been looking for it.