Focus On The Future Now

Focus On The Future Now

The other day I was meeting with potential sellers who have lived in their home for decades, and I really felt the emotional weight of their decision to sell. This was a home that was full of wonderful memories and emotions for them. It was the place where they lived rich, full lives, raised their kids, built a life together and grew old together so that the home eventually became too big for their needs.

This home that started out as a blank canvas was now a fully completed personal masterpiece - and now they were ready for the next chapter.

My best advice to them as they prepared for this important life change was what I have shared successfully with many others. It’s called “let’s focus on the future NOW - not when you close escrow!”

Why think about change so early in the home selling process? Well, when we figure out the next chapter in our lives, we usually can’t wait to get started. It leaves sellers in a better position to relate to some of the many emotions circling around decisions that need to be made during the sale process.

Packing away family pictures and sentimental items can be seen as preparing them to accompany you on your journey, not eliminating memories from your home.

Painting the home a neutral color doesn’t mean wiping away your style, but rather helping the buyer begin THEIR journey. And so on.

When you shift your focus early, it allows you to think, grow, and plan the next chapter in your life with enthusiasm. We can be focused on your mission, which can make the challenges that come with selling a home simply steps on your incredible life journey.


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