Lessons I've Learned in Real Estate #1

Lessons I've Learned in Real Estate #1

I've learned a lot over my 20+ years in real estate so I thought "why not share some of my experiences?"  

Each week I will be sharing some pearls of wisdom, funny stories, and memorable things that have happened in the past.

For my first episode, I wanted to focus on safety and how we can never be too careful. 

One time I was doing a caravan or as we call it a broker's open and a gentleman came and I just got a feeling that "something's not quite right here". 

So, I started to ask him questions and the answers he shared made me feel even more uncomfortable. So much so that I felt I needed to ask him to leave. 

After that interaction I came up with some safety rules for myself and my team.

Learn more by watching this video below.


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