Things To Do With Pumpkins (Besides Carve Them)

So you visited your favorite pumpkin patch, came home with a big score of gourds, and are stuck trying to make good use of them? Don’t worry! We have a couple of fresh ideas to put those fresh pumpkins to good use.
1. Make A Centerpiece!
Get rid of your wax fruit and upgrade to real pumpkins! This could be as simple as putting a single large pumpkin on the dinner table or as complex as crafting an arrangement of pumpkins of different shapes and sizes in a cornucopia. You could put this on top of a cupboard in the dining room, on a table near the entryway, on a coffee table, over the bathroom sink, or anywhere you’d like it!
2. Make Your Stoop Stupendous
Putting a carved Jack O’ Lantern by your front door is a Halloween classic, but you can mix it up by putting away your carving tools and picking up a paintbrush. Paint your house number on a pumpkin and put it by your doorstep. You could also paint a face or the logo of your favorite sports team on a pumpkin as well. These are festive options you could use all October! But don’t worry, we’d never suggest not to carve a pumpkin if that’s what you’re feeling up to.
3. Swap Flowers For Pumpkins In Your Favorite Vase – Or Make The Pumpkin The Vase!
Display an assortment of small pumpkins of different colors and shapes in a vase to bring the holiday spirit to the room of your choice. Another take on this decorating tip is to use a nice bucket or basket to hold the pumpkins instead. If you want to make the pumpkin itself the vase, cut off the top near the stem and “plant” a succulent plant of your choosing.
4. Make Mini Jack O’ Lantern Candle Holders
What better way is there to festively light up a room than with an actual candle? With a candle inside a pumpkin! Instead of using a glass dish or candle holder for a tea light, carve a small pumpkin and place the candle inside it instead. You can carve whatever you’d like into the pumpkin, but we recommend a spooky Jack O’ Lantern face to fit the theme.
5. Turn A Pumpkin Into An Ice Bucket To Serve Chilled Wine
Halloween parties are a great opportunity to get together with friends and family and share in the holiday spirit. But this year you can show off a cool serving dish in addition to your cool costume: a pumpkin serving bucket.
You’ll need a pumpkin wider than a couple of wine bottles for this idea. Simply cut the top section of the pumpkin off, carve and clean out its insides, and fill the hollow gourd with ice. Push in a couple of wine bottles and prepare to impress your guests.
So whatever you decide to do with your pumpkins, don’t let them go to waste!